converting dateOptionalTime to java.time

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converting dateOptionalTime to java.time

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This might not be the appropriate list however I'm hoping library experts can chime in.

I'm trying to migrate from Joda to Java 8 java.time package but that doesn't seem possible.
I'm using Joda's ISODateTimeFormat.dateOptionalTimeParser but I can't seem to find anything
similar in java.time.
The culprit seems to be that Joda allows multiple DateFormats to be chained while this features
is not available in java.time.
As a concrete example, to quote Joda's dateOptionalTimeParser javadocs can parse the date in three
different formats: std-date-element | ord-date-element | week-date-element however java.time
allows only one.

While with Joda DateTimeFormatterBuilder, one can append multiple parsers, java.time allows only one.

Am I missing something?