What is the thought of the joda key concepts?How you lead to its now?

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What is the thought of the joda key concepts?How you lead to its now?

I thought and search a long time before the courage to ask this question. 

I am curious about the key concepts of joda-time. It shows something amazing clear to its problem, that is the first thought when I read it years ago. After using it more and more in my projects, I realize I won't be wrong with problem about time any more(of course, hope :-). It all relied on the concepts of joda-time. 

As a programmer, the problems like time always taught me much even years later: First, something (like time) is so common. It is everyday and everywhere in the real world. But when I want to do it right, something bad always happen.Reading and using the books about programming concepts helps a little, not enough to solve it right. We need the knowledge of real world and profiling it with our own head.Software design it is.

So that's the reason why I ask the problems.
What is the thought of the joda key concepts? How you lead to its now?  
I think it should be very valuable for many people. Maybe some articles already be published? ( I failed google it with these keywords.)
Tell me. Hope not too silly(or my English too poor).

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