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Joda-Time v2.0

I've finally released Joda-Time v2.0



Release notes

>From the blog:
Firstly, Joda-Time 2.0 is NOT a re-write of Joda-Time. The major
version number change signifies that there are some incompatibilities.
However, these are as minor as I could make them.

A few methods on Chronology that were deprecated for years have been
removed, but most other deprecated and classes methods remain as the
benefits of removing them were lower than the damage caused.

The library has moved to JDK 1.5 compatibility, adding generics.
Sadly, adding generics to Comparable in some cases caused issues for
implementations. The choice was to aim for binary incompatibility at
the expense of source incompatibility if the ReadableInstant or
ReadableDuration interfaces were implemented directly. If you didn't
implement these, or extended the supplied abstract class then you
should have no problems. Similarly, ReadablePartial had Comparable
added, but if you didn't implement it, or extended the supplied
abstract class then again you should have no problems.

In summary, I hope there are no significant binary incompatibilities.
If you do find a binary incompatibility that I didn't, I'd like to
know, particularly if it affects another open source project. If it is
in the next week or so, then perhaps the incompatibilty can be fixed
and "jar hell" avoided.

There are a number of semantic changes as well in the corner cases.
Again see the release notes.

* Parsing a month-day without a year now selects year 2000 rather than
1970 (so the 29th of February can be parsed)
* Edge cases with a week-based-year and a month are handled better
* Methods that handle daylight savings time (DST) are more consistent,
retaining the offset wherever possible during calculations or
consistently choosing summer time if not
* Some short time zone IDs have been changed
* DateTimeZone factory taking an ID is now case sensitive

The JSP tags project also got a release for maven reasons.


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