DateTimeZone.forID() misbehaviour on Android

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DateTimeZone.forID() misbehaviour on Android


Hi all!

I'm using JodaTime 2.1 on Android (SDK 20, API 16) and stumbled upon a weird error:


returns a DateTimeZone with the internal ID "UTC", and not, as expected, "+01:00".
I saw that this is (of course) tested and that this particular case seems to properly work
on a Desktop Java integration platform, so I pretty much guess that it is an Android
issue. For now I wrote some code to parse DateTimeZone ids myself, i.e.

       String id = "+01:00";
       DateTimeZone zone;
       if (id.matches("(\\+|\\-)\\d{2}:\\d{2}")) {
            String offsetParts[] = id.split(":");
            zone = DateTimeZone.forOffsetHoursMinutes(
               Integer.parseInt(offsetParts[0].replace("+", "")),
        } else {
             Zone = DateTimeZone.forID(id);

and this works, but I'm not confident anymore if there aren't other subtle errors in
the library unless I know where this problem really originates from.

Any idea how to debug this issue?


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